Issue 11 - Nomad

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'I can have breakfast in Paris, lunch in London and supper in Madrid some days,’ says Mario Polegato, founder of Geox. In many ways our world is shrinking. What was unthinkable a few decades ago is now a reality thanks to sophisticated global communications. It is remarkable, though, that in this digital era, Mr Polegato still prefers to travel many miles to meet people face to face. It seems that the need to ‘hunt’ for new opportunities is still as present today as it was for our ancestors. Our nomadic spirits will not be easily satisfied: quite the contrary – we can predict that we will become as mobile as the means allow. Before we continue the journey we would do well to consider what we should be taking with us and what, after it has served its purpose, can be left behind. Perhaps that will allow us to keep moving freely and sustainably, and ensure that resources are equally available to all. By bringing out a ‘nomad’ issue we want to reflect on the pros and cons of our mobile urban lives, on blurring borders and merging cultures, on tribes coming together in the physical and the digital world. But most of all, we want to celebrate the spirit of endurance of those who keep seeking, the non-conformists who are willing to leave behind the safety of familiar territory because they believe there are greener pastures to be found. Laura & Damian Santamaria Editorial directors

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