Issue 10 - Heritage

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Heritage is that which is passed down to us from preceding generations, or which comes to us through being born into a certain family. It can be silver and gold, and sometimes it is wisdom. But whatever the source, what survives from the past is unique and irreplaceable. In this issue we want to look beyond museum, monument and artefact in order to explore the deeper meaning of heritage – the intangible aspects such as values, cultural practices, beliefs and ideas that are an integral part of the physical object. What do we consider worthy of preservation for the future? However we answer, we want to present heritage as a dynamic and vibrant influence on the future of individuals, communities and nations. Heritage is also the platform we need in order to sustain our collective, as well as our individual, identity. When we live in the good of what our ancestors have created, then we have a foundation on which to build a brighter and better future for those who will follow us. We are all creators of heritage, generating it as we go along, the past helping us to understand the demands of the present, with the decisions we make today impacting and shaping what tomorrow will be.    Laura & Damian Santamaria Editorial directors

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