Issue 1 - Reversing the Order

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REVERSING THE ORDER - If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
In Spring 2004 a group of about thirty of us got together to discuss what a contemporary magazine should be about. We wanted a magazine that would bring together the two main aspirational values of our times, ethics and aesthetics – a marriage of style and soul.
We have chosen to ‘reverse the order’ in the magazine world, to create an open space in which to collaborate rather than dictate. Each issue of Sublime is put together around a theme, to which every member of the team contributes with subjects that are close to their heart.
Sublime is set to inspire and entertain, but also to provoke thought and debate. Expect architecture, fashion, travel, arts and more, to be covered in the widest sense of the word ethical. For us ‘ethical’ is not just about the environment, although those issues underlie all of our thinking. We will promote all things good and beautiful, but the core ethic of Sublime is to create opportunities for those who don’t have them and to look for alternatives beyond the formulas.
Today, that group of thirty numbers 300 around the world and counting, and we are encouraged by the positive response Sublime has generated even before its launch.
We trust that you will enjoy ‘Reversing the Order’ with us.
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