Issue 6 - Love Your Enemy

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First we learn to love ourselves, then those closest to us, but often the spiral of love stops there. It can be easier to ignore everyone else. Unconsciously things drift and polarise, and it’s simpler to let them.
We decided on the Love Your Enemy theme over a year ago, so we have had time to think how much this phrase, put into practice, could do for our unbalanced world. Even though it is a small phrase – just three words – it has more implications, meaning and challenges than the whole of the world wide web could cover.
But is it possible to put this noble idea into action? We don’t assume this is easy to do, but we believe that the only way to solve human conflicts is to challenge ourselves in exploring relationships, multiculturalism, politics and religion, until ultimately we are secure enough to accept otherness.
Doing the unexpected can be a powerful strategic weapon in bringing down barriers. Let’s try to love our enemies a bit more often to see what happens!

Laura & Damian Santamaria
Editorial directors

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