28 January 2019

Three Positive Brands '19

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How does a brand become a timeless favourite, an everyday icon? We put together three great sustainable names that are on their way to stardom

Moon Flower Hairslide Saya Designs 2SAYA DESIGNS

Victoria, founder of SAYA Designs, gives us a glimpse into how she came to start her company.

‘I wanted to find a way to establish a direct link between giving back to the planet I love while expressing my creativity. Through SAYA, we generate excitement around issues we believe in by making things people can treasure and that have stories to tell. We hope this will encourage others to get involved with wildlife conservation.

‘When researching environmental issues in Indonesia, I felt like I had opened a can of worms. I began to understand the scale and complexity of the work that needs to be done. I knew I wanted to be a part of it, and to see the impact of my work for myself, so I continued my research into sustainable forestry to see what I could do. After visiting organisations, I partnered with a company called Gaia. Gaia is a deeply moral, rainforest-focused NGO that works on the ground with local farmers and communities to protect their ecosystems and to support endangered tree species.

‘I came across a group of sculptors from Java who where digging up root wood from old plantations left behind by loggers. Circular business models – in which waste and energy use are minimised – always made so much sense to me, but I had never thought of starting one.

‘These pieces of waste, the offcuts from the roots, were a perfect fit for me to make something small, functional and unique. I have worn hair sticks for many years, and have made a few for myself, so they happened to be at the forefront of my mind. I thought about them as something a wearer could use every day, and what a great talking point they would be.’



Meet the guilt-free skincare range that is specially designed for pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

During her pregnancy, brand founder Parvathi met with a distinct lack of choice when looking for high-quality pregnancy products. So she brought together a team of experts to create a range that is guided by safety, created for results and designed to delight. From stretch-mark smoothers to itchy-skin soothers and top-to-toe hydrators, products have been created to answer the pregnant woman’s main pre- and postnatal beauty concerns.

Delivering natural ingredients via luxurious formulas, Unity Beauty Essentials is a sensory adventure that will make mums-to-be feel nurtured, indulged and confident with their new curves. The collection’s signature ingredient is the Indian Gooseberry, which is regarded as a ‘pregnancy superfruit’ and is one of the most beneficial natural ingredients for pregnancy and beauty.

The hero of this innovative range is the Complete Duo Stretch Mark Cream + Oil: the first-ever stretch-mark cream and oil to come together in a single product. Two companion products, the Daily Body Hydrator and the Intensive Body Nourisher, complete the range. All products are free from mineral oils, parabens, petrolatum, sulphates, phthalates, DEA and gluten.

A pleasure-seeking ritual from start to finish, doctors, scientists, beauty experts and new mums have all had a hand in creating this unique range that’s already setting a precedent in premium pregnancy products.



Offering a comprehensive, affordable, one-stop marketplace for sustainable wedding goods, Sinclair & Saffron is launching in early 2019.

With every wedding in the UK generating approximately 18kg of plastic waste, two fifths of couples are now considering sustainability when planning their big day. Yet despite this statistic, the wedding industry is struggling to accommodate the needs of a growing number of sustainability-conscious customers.

Everything Sinclair & Saffron list on their website is hand-picked, chosen individually to ensure that not only is it affordable, but ethically sourced and sustainable, too.

Below are a few products to tempt and inspire prospective customers:

Bijoux de Chagall is a small family business based in the heart of London that focuses on creating intricate and beautifully handcrafted items. With a love for natural precious and semi-precious stones, the brand sources these exclusively from sustainable suppliers. A passion for excellence and artistry is clearly reflected in the quality of every piece.

Seni Dey is based in London and designs clean-lined, feminine wedding dresses for modern brides. The brand firmly believes that the people who make its products deserve good working conditions and fair wages. To ensure this, all Seni Dey clothes are produced in their company-owned atelier in Portugal. This not only enables the brand to monitor working conditions, but also facilitates short transport routes, reducing impact on the environment. Seni Dey’s made-to-order business model further ensures they only use resources that are needed and do not produce unnecessary waste.

Grace Elizabeth Photography Grace is a wonderful photographer who captures the heart and soul of the day in the most extraordinary way. From seizing the tiniest moments to recording the bigger aspects, many couples choose Grace as their photographer, not just for the photographs she takes, but often more so for her beliefs and her outlook towards looking after our planet.

Nantwen Few small wedding venues in Wales can offer you the opportunity to have an eco-friendly wedding. With Nantwen it comes as standard. The brand cares about the planet as well as its wedding guests. Nantwen’s buildings are environmentally friendly, but without any compromise to comfort or mod cons. They hold a Gold Award from Green Tourism, the world’s largest and most established sustainable certification programme.

Sinclair & Saffron believe that weddings shouldn’t cost the earth, either figuratively or literally.


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