Father Of Fair Trade

Richard Adams’ achievement is extraordinary. When New Statesman last year named him ‘social entrepreneur of the year’ in its Upstarts Awards, it recognised that ‘perhaps more than anyone else, he is responsible for the idea that we can change the world around us by changing the way we consume’. This year he was included in the Independent’s ‘Good List’ of the 50 people in Britain who had done most to make the world a better place

Coming Home

What does it mean, to ‘get real’? Can it happen overnight? Is it a truly personal experience, or can getting real be shared? Does it mean that one has to lose out on joie de vivre?

On The Right Track

Ever wondered what it’s like to be blind, or unable to walk? Most of us take our daily round for granted, but for thousands worldwide, being a functioning member of society is, or may once have been, a brave act of the will.

Shaken Together

It’s heartening to watch the world respond with aid as a city or nation is thrown into chaos following a natural disaster. But what about crises brought on by the greed of others? Perhaps we can learn from past cataclysms. We may have to

The Great Escape

Want to get away from it all? The Spiti Valley in the Himalayas is probably as far as you could go, yet a growing, responsible initiative being developed there means it’ll still feel like home.

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