The Atlas of Human Migration

When photographer Sebastião Salgado produced a major exhibition on migration, he spoke of migration as ‘the complete reorganisation of humanity’, and declared that he wanted to show ‘that a true human family can only be built on foundations of solidarity and sharing’

Everything is Broken

Having previously written Finding George Orwell in Burma, lived in Asia and learned the Burmese language, American Emma Larkin is well placed to write a reportage of this isolationist regime

Michelin Chef's say....'Save Our Sea'

Spend a pound, save the sea. That's the essence of the recent 'save the sea' campaign, which is being supported by the UK's top Michelin starred chefs who have partnered with the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) in an attempt to put an end to all 'pirate' fishing. With names like Marcus Wareing and Tom Aikens offering their full support, the high end restaurant industry are using their clout to help highlight this vitally important issue

Whale Warrior Released!

Regardless how you feel about the tactics of the controversial figure that is Captain Paul Watson, one cannot deny he has been hugely, if not single handedly responsible for the saving of countless whales lives.  You will usually find him at the helm of his ‘battleship’, the Steve Irwin, from which he has led many a brave environmentalist into ‘war’, often putting their own lives on the line, all in the name of whaling – or stopping thereof

Just War?

More British troops have died in 2009 than in any year since the Falklands War. As the death-count rises, and pressure mounts on the UK and US governments to withdraw, the question is, can any war be justified?

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