Essential Affirmation

Innerfyre prioritises self-care for you and the planet through their collection of sustainable affirmation candles and aromatherapy products. Sublime talks to resident scent expert Sophie Huang to discover more. 

Keeping Mind & Body Healthy at Home

This week, I want to use this column to talk about something slightly out of the ordinary. We all know that lockdown is a mental and physical challenge for us all. This week is Children’s Mental Health Week, and there’s never been a better time to take stock of your family’s mental health, as well as your own. 

Journal to wellbeing

Is the pen mightier than the virus? Could the ancient low-tech practice of writing be an answer to the high-tech, high-stress demands of our digital lifestyles? Can keeping a journal sustain you through seasons of isolation and social distancing, while facing an uncertain future?

Regenerative Agriculture

We all understand how the food we eat has an impact on our bodies, but I’m interested to learn about how different ways of producing food can have different impacts on the environment. Last week, I was privileged to have the opportunity to visit a farm that is at the cutting edge of regenerative agriculture, creating food in a way that actually replenishes the richness of the soil.

Dream Sharing

When we dream, we create metaphors for what is significant to us in our waking lives. Can social sharing of dreams encourage empathy and understanding between the dreamer and their audience?