An OX in Every Village

Across Africa and other parts of the developing world, there is intense need for improved transport, for both everyday living as well as emergencies. The world’s first ‘flat-pack’ truck is designed to provide low-cost all-terrain mobility for remote parts of the globe

Respectful Animal Trophies

Award-winning art and design studio Hu2 Design has partnered with international wildlife charity, the Born Free Foundation, to launch a collaborative art range, ‘Respectful Animal Trophies: Chapter II’, accompanied by a series of bespoke infographics

Ciao Mr. Potter

Can you reinvent the bow tie? Sublime has found three unconventional Italians that make the most tasteful and fun fashion accessories out ceramics to last a lifetime

Bag to Life

Where some see only rubbish, others spot an opportunity… Kerstin Rank, founder of BAG TO LIFE is passionate about tackling the airline industry’s waste pile – with design and style

Brighton Fashion Week

Sublime Awards innovative design and concepts that contribute to a sustainable future for fashion

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