Life in food

Welcome to my new regular column for Sublime Magazine, where I hope to discuss sustainable food, lifestyle and family. A few years ago I left behind a life in the entertainment industry spotlight in Asia to start a family in the UK. Now I invite you to share my journey as I set up a sustainable food business and try to give my children an upbringing that is nutritious, delicious and good for the planet.

Organic September ‘20

Sublime Magazine joins the Soil Association in #OrganicSeptember, a campaign dedicated to growing the organic market. With more of us seeking solutions to restore nature, our health, and a safe climate, becoming part of the organic movement can make a world of a difference. These six brands work towards precisely this: raising awareness and increasing wellness.

Shopping Sustainably

Shopping patterns have changed drastically since the world went into lockdown, but with restrictions easing, supporting independent businesses both online and in-store can make a huge difference to the green economy. Sublime recommends four stores that strive to put positive impact before profit.

Re-Inventing the Wheel

One of the largest sources of plastic pollution may be under your feet: tyres. Round and round they go, powering the global economy. Can we challenge end-of-life tyres?

Vegan Pioneer

Two decades ago I had a university friend who had been given the nickname Lettuce because he was vegan. I was fascinated by him and his ethical beliefs. He’d taken my vegetarianism lifestyle to a whole new level.

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