The Great Forest Restoration

Taking us from the barren sites of illegal logging and monocrop farming to the smouldering rainforests of the amazon. Fred Pearce in his latest book tells a revelatory new history of the relationship between humans and trees.

Time to Get Tough on Plastic

Despite tradition, January is a difficult time to turn over a new leaf. However, a glance at our post-festive rubbish combined with insights from new scientific research on plastic waste could provide pointers as to where to make some changes

Litter In The Arctic

There are many concerns over the future of the Arctic. From unsafe nuclear waste dumped in the region to the growing potential of oil spills. Many environmentalists have predicted that events, or a single event, will cause mass pollution in the region

The Eden Prescription

The Eden Prescription tells the story of Dr Elliot Lindell, a researcher whose life is thrown into chaos after he develops a plant-based cure for cancer. But is this thriller simply a work of fiction, or can nature really hold the key to treating today’s most feared disease?

Out of the Blue

The Bay of Biscay is a great location for seeing whales and dolphins. Reaching depths of 4000m, the Bay provides habitats for a range of different species. Marine conservation charity ORCA takes Sublime aboard the sea ferry on a life-changing experience

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