Dr. Noki x Andy Murphy

Sublime catches up with anti-fast fashion activist Dr Noki to discuss his latest collaboration with shoe designer Andy Murphy

Clean Green Dental

NOICE Dental gel has revolutionised the toothpaste industry and provided a sustainable alternative to the 1.5 billion plastic toothpaste tubes that end up in landfill every year. Sublime talks to co-founder Morgane Soret to find out more.

Dispatches from a Small World

In times of restriction, what can a garden teach us? Born in the stillness of lockdown, an illustration project has been documenting the growing season in over 200 sketches.

Beyond the Circle

Question: Why don’t monkeys recycle their banana skins in the bins provided? Answer: They don’t need to. All their disposables are part of a natural supply chain.

Art Washed Ashore

How does an artist combat plastic pollution in his small corner of the world? Sublime speaks to New York-based Manaure Peñalver on transforming discarded buoys into environmental statement pieces.

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