Lessons From Blue Zones

A new year is always a good time to reflect on how we want to approach the next twelve months. It’s a fresh start, a chance to press the reset button and focus on the things we believe to be important to us. If one of your intentions for 2022 is to simplify your life and get back to the basics, the inhabitants of the Blue Zone areas are a great source of inspiration. 


The Wheat Industry Takes on Regenerative Farming

Nicaragua's Sustainable Rum

Spirits are getting a sustainable makeover. Jen Marsden delves into the complex history of rum and interviews Mauricio Solórzano, Global Ambassador of Flor de Caña Rum, the world’s first Fair Trade certified, Carbon Neutral rum.

What is sustainable living?

“My Sustainable Life”, a new series by the Independent, looks at how famous figures take steps in their daily lives to make a more sustainable world. Drawing from the worlds of politics, fashion, music and beyond, the figures are interviewed about how they have adjusted their habits to living sustainably – helping to inspire others to do the same.

Deer on the Norfolk Broads

So many of the landscapes we think of as wild are actually man-made, or fashioned over centuries through humanity’s partnership with animals through farming, hunting and co-existence. What does ‘wild’ mean to you?

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