The Selfish Society

The Selfish Society opens with an arresting quote from poet Adrienne Rich: ‘In those years, people will say, we lost track/of the meaning of we, of you/we found ourselves/reduced to I’. She proceeds to explore territory revived by books such as Oliver James’s Affluenza, rallying against the rise of consumerism, an increasingly fascinating area when considered in the light of the recent rioting that took place in the UK. 

Seeking Silence in a Noisy World

An area widely explored by books such as Abbot Christopher Jamison’s Finding Sanctuary, Anglican priest Adam Ford’s approaches for quelling the hubbub of modern life by seeking silence are various and eclectic.

The Thrifty Forager

In a time of rising food prices and shrinking economies, a change of perspective in how we see the world around us is very timely

More Bang Than Buck

A series of major crises that have rocked Britain was recently topped by the Murdoch phone-hacking affair. Anyone now seeking to work a niche interest in a corridor of power had better watch it

Making It Big

Feeling stuck in a rut, bored with your job – or just glad you’ve still got one? For students and workers in the creative industries, raw talent on its own will never be enough to get on. For the rest of us, we probably could do better

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