Out In The Wild

In 2010, fed up with constant progress, travel writer Sylvain Tesson spent six months in a cabin on the shores of Lake Baikal in Siberia, seventy-five miles away from the nearest village. It was the first time in the traveller’s life he wasn’t moving but standing still. To Sublime he talks about solitude, the privilege of being European and his experience in the blank vastness

Island Man

Island Records made music history, not least for bringing us Bob Marley. And that was just the beginning. Single-handedly, Chris Blackwell went on to influence what we listen to today

Just for the Record

Texas-born Londoner Devonté Hynes, aka Lightspeed Shampion, has travelled a remarkably long distance since he and a couple of teenage pals formed post-punk, pot-funk trio test icicles as a lark six years ago

A Life in Music

Music is not – and has never been – the sole domain of the young. Ever since Elvis, that is, when the music industry discovered how easy a market youth was. Here money is spent freely and the young dictate the soundtrack of our times

Raw Emotion

Out of the blue comes Anna Calvi. The young Londoner’s debut album, bursting with ideas, brings together a sense of rock energy and female sensibility reminiscent of early PJ Harvey, but with more than a touch of the blues

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