The 25% Rule: unlock your best self

Multitasking can be difficult to control; the physical and mental process of switching between functions doesn’t necessarily lead to meaningful progress. This, in the long term, can create negative feelings of unfulfillment, dissatisfaction, and even depression. The 25% Rule’s four modes create the basis of a holistic self-organising system to help you to balance your work day and transform your life


Imagine a world where innovation is not driven by profit, but by ethics. These five green brands are paving the way, proving that building a fairer, environmentally-conscious future can be the main focus.

100% Biodegradable Textiles

Textiles are one of the world’s most important consumer goods. Over the past decades, especially synthetic yarns have become a problem for our environment. This is where the OceanSafe journey begins.

Icelandic Seaweed Innovation

Iceland has utilised green energy for decades, harnessing geothermal power for the nations heating source and generating electricity for the national grid. It will come as no surprise that Iceland has been supporting innovation in sustainable industries long before it became relevant, and the fashion industry is no exception.

Supply Change

If we want to change the current situation of fast-fashion, we must start by rethinking how we manufacture and source our goods. Sublime talks to Flora Davidson, co-founder of Supplycompass, an innovative platform enabling supply chain transparency

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