The cinematography is shot in grainy sepia. The soundtrack is a Latin American number and we see two panic stricken young men driving along a desolate road with the un-dead on their trail close behind. Just then, the car starts to slow down. They have run out of gas. Predictable? For a zombie film maybe, but perhaps less so for an advert presenting Chevrolet's hybrid Volt car which can reach top speeds of 161 km/h

Surviving Progress Film Review

When the Neanderthals figured out how to kill two mammoths instead of one, you could call that progress. When they learnt how to chase whole herds off a cliff, killing 200 at a time and driving them to extinction, that's something else entirely. And it's this "something else" which is explored in the film, Surviving Progress, which premiered in the UK at London's Tricycle Theatre last week

Rise Of The Radical

The time is approaching when hanging on to familiar notions of oil dependency, the big book of banking and growth at any price will no longer be workable. We may be obliged to rewrite the rules – all of them

The Secret Life of Plants

What if our food could be grown locally and all year round, rather than travel thousands of miles to our supermarkets? It sounds almost too good to be true, but that’s exactly what Plantlab in The Netherlands are proposing with their innovative approach to vertical farming

First Nation

While Europe commits its grandchildren to a vast amount of monetary debt, President Mohamed Nasheed is making plans to secure future generations of the Maldives against environmental disaster

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