A Summer Spent On The Farm

For most teenagers the moment the school bell rings and summer rolls in, it means parties, non-stop video games, movies, and a time to kick back with friends. But for four teens in Freeport, Maine, spending their summer feeding the hungry and learning to be sustainable farmers, happily redefines their definition of summer fun

Sustainable street bike cool!

If you are concerned about escalating petrol prices or global warming has got you thinking more sustainably, Zero Motorcycles has a two-wheeled solution with their line of electric street bikes that are both economically and environmentally conscious

A Greener Environment

The world is becoming more environmentally conscious in multiple industries, but architecture in particular is one field that has made tremendous leaps and bounds when it comes to going green. Cities all across the U.S. and even all across the world are doing their part to revamp old structures and build new ones according to the rating system LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Sculptural Solar Charger

There are many ways to charge your devices these days, but few that are as attractive as this one. Drop your leaf trimmer, push your high-maintenance bonsaï aside and check out the Electree, a chic solar-powered charger from French artist and designer Vivien Muller

Fragile Future

Artists and Designers Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta went into partnership in 2006, co-founding the Design studio DRIFT. Since then, their work has been exhibited in many prestigious places, such as the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York, the Tuileries Garden in Paris and Art Basel, the annual international art show held in Miami Beach 

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