Top five female ecopreneurs

Entrepreneurship in the green economy is becoming more crucial than ever - Sublime speaks to five inspiring women whose innovative ideas have taken the world by storm.

The Fashion Continent

In the west, African Fashion has long been the victim of preconceived ideas. Reduced to obsolete images, it has struggled (and still struggles) to be respected. Disregarded by the mainstream media it’s chief representatives have rarely been given coverage. Above all, African fashion, when it is not invisible, remains incomprehensible for many.

Circular Design for Fashion

The Ellen Macarthur foundation strives to promote a circular economy in a range of different fields. Today’s target? The clothing and textile industry. Sublime magazine finds out more about their latest book, and how it aims to disrupt the fast fashion industry.

Root of Rebirth

CHIMUK HANDKNIT is fighting its way towards gender equality, one stitch at a time. Sublime delves into the Peruvian brand’s first launch of woolen accessories, and how it has changed the lives of the women behind their creation. 

For The Wonder Women

Jung celebrates all things women, especially when it comes to making life that little bit easier. Sublime interviews founder, Mo Jian Yung to discuss her functional female-friendly capsule collection.

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