The Wheat Industry Takes on Regenerative Farming

A Wilder Future

The Wildlife Trusts have released a new short film featuring Sir David Attenborough. In it, Attenborough addresses the climate emergency issue and urges a larger focus on the restoration and regeneration of wildlife in order to see real progress.

Hedgerows & Climate Change

Increasing hedgerow cover across the UK can create new homes for wildlife, improve the quality of the soil, boost the UK economy, and help in the global fight against climate change

Give a Hoot

Wilding - a hands-off approach to ecological restoration - is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon in big cities. And where there are trees, there are birds - discover Sublime magazine’s guide to birdwatching.

Reporting on Poverty

Journalist Rachel Broady is passionate about challenging the stereotypes of people experiencing poverty, and decided the best place to begin was within her own industry. 

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