Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Energy innovation has become a matter of survival, thanks to global warming and peak oil.

Recharge Yourself

Sublime reflects on our personal energy supplies, with a view to saving ourselves as well as the planet.

Warm And Very Cool

Today’s vernacular architects show that we could, if we wanted to, heat or cool our buildings without consuming any energy at all.

Triple Whammy

The financial crisis? We’re moving on. Oil? BP’s off the front page now. Climate change? Depends on who you listen to. It’s time to read the small print.

Being something of an anorak as well as an advocate, I keep a daily log on my website of developments on the three issues that I think will probably dominate the 21st century. It embraces the interconnected crises of finance, energy and climate change, and I call it the Triple Crunch Log. Reading through it at year end provides an opportunity to gauge the tempo as well as the scale of these dramas, and to look for the small details on which to base any sketch of the future big picture.

Taking an eclectic look at the Triple Crunch Log for 2010, each of the three themes has involved major developments during the year. The financial theme has seen a remarkable bounce-back of stock markets. As the year ends, stock exchanges are around the same value they enjoyed just before the credit crunch unfolded in 2008.

The energy theme has seen the largest peacetime oil spill ever. BP’s Macondo spill in the Gulf of Mexico has had ramifications that extend far beyond the tiny amount of oil left unextractable in the miscreant

Hold That Horse

We’re running out of time. It’s absolutely vital that, as far as the three major crisis debates are concerned – finance, energy, climate – each of us makes up our mind about what we think

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