Starting Over

As the governments of the Western world go head to head with protestors and industry chiefs who would like to see trade and the economy overhauled from the bottom up, could we really be on the brink of a new way of life

Energy Payback

We hear much talk of a green new deal today, from politicians of all persuasions. It makes so much sense: a government-led reflation of ailing economies, akin to the 1930s New Deal, creating millions of new jobs. Only this time green ones, so that we can address global warming and energy security at the same time as we haul ourselves out of the downturn. Much of the infrastructure renewal will be in the energy arena, as President Obama’s inauguration speech made clear. Here the journey to a green new deal was already under way at the time the financial crisis hit us. Politicians will beworking with the grain

Elemental Force

In the wake of the worst of the credit crisis, many are saying that the environmental crisis is going to be worse. Could applying the alternative energy family on the ground provide financial and employment hope, as well as a peak-oil alternative, in the coming days?

Banking On The Sun

Is solar energy really at the top of the pecking order in the renewables family? Not according to the construction industry, it isn’t. But the guys looking to invest in energy futures disagree. So where to turn if the lights go out?

Mining The Future

We live as well as we do today in large part because of coal. Coal powered the industrial revolution, both in the UK and in many other countries. Owing to this, a large slice of British heritage springs from coal-mining, and all the activities that supported the mining, as any tour of an old coal-producing region will show

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