The Elephant In The Room

As 2012 gets under way, the battle between the Big Energy boys and the renewables advocates is getting serious, in the face of some truly ridiculous odds. Extreme PR manoeuvres have been in evidence, too

Energy Crisis: Science Or Fiction?

Our bodies are fine models of energy efficiency. But what kind of energy-production models are we ourselves replicating, and where are they taking our world?

Energy Report

In the energy arena, battle lines are being drawn in a global struggle for hearts and minds.

Super Super

Putting a variety of renewables to use is a great idea, uppermost in many energy-focused minds at the present time. But how do we actually do it? What does a renewable-energy cable even look like?


Drawing The Line

Big business is fast realising that, in economic terms, things can’t go on in the same way for much longer. But is anything being done? Where to begin?

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