Timeless design

Some watches are produced with the kind of detail that most people would not know or dream about; Sushma Sagar meets German watch company Nomos Glashütte, to find out what makes them tick.

Shepherd Inspired Fashion

Shepherding: a 12,000-year-old pastoral practice, what has it to do with fashion? The 'nomad look', tanned, windswept, touched by nature, confident in the landscape. Shepherds invented 'layering'; early morning cold, loose layers to shed, as the day warms. Layering up for evening cold with local natural fibres and leather, dyed with earth colours.

Made in Wichí

LHAKA is more than a fashion label. It’s a project prioritising the education and economic development of Argentina’s Indigenous community. Sublime finds out how the displaced Wichí people found sustainable integration with the private sector.

Tradition With a Twist

90% of clothing that we buy in Britain is manufactured abroad, often in poor working conditions. Sublime talks to Tom Glover, managing director of Peregrine, a British, family-owned brand since 1796.

Social Distancing Like a Pro

As many of us begin our new norm of social distancing, quarantine and/or isolation, it’s important to continue heeding the advice we’ve been receiving surrounding our hand and overall hygiene, refraining from panic buying and being mindful of the older and more vulnerable community.

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