Some “Green Men” of Cyprus

Martin Clark is Director of Grampus Heritage, an NGO involved in vocational and non-formal training in 32 countries. Since BREXIT, the developmental engine is based much more in Cyprus than the UK. Grampus and Martin have worked with Sublime for the last 14 years.

Reporting on Poverty

Journalist Rachel Broady is passionate about challenging the stereotypes of people experiencing poverty, and decided the best place to begin was within her own industry. 

The Spirit of Creativity

Creativity is familiar to even the smallest child; it comes perfectly naturally, yet it baffles great minds. Some aspects of our lives lie beyond rational explanation, they are more intuitive, imaginative, emotional and subjective. A creative process we think we understand through our own capacity for reasoning is bound to miss the true nature of the process – it will be no more than a mirage, a mere delusion.

Refugee Crisis? Or Opportunity?

Since 2015 Europe crossed the line from being chiefly rural to more people living in cities. Young people especially, gravitate towards cities. The countryside empties, dereliction creeps in and older people that remain cannot cope. Using Cyprus as an example, rural refugees arrive from Africa, can they replace lost villagers? 

Make the CUT

Knives are only dangerous in someone’s hand; up until that point, they are just pieces of metal. CUT takes metal from knives and transforms it into buttons and rivets for bespoke jeans. In buying CUT jeans, you are contributing to the creation of opportunities for youth in the fashion industry

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