The Philosopher and the Wolf

A real-life memoir of a professor of philosophy whose thinking and daily routine is turned upside down by the arrival into his life of an Alaskan Tundra wolf, The Philosopher and the Wolf goes to places that no ordinary book about philosophy would dare to go.

Blood Matters

Aged 37, with one daughter and an adopted son, journalist Gessen learns that she has inherited a mutated gene from her mother, leaving her with a 40% chance of developing ovarian cancer and an 87% possibility of breast cancer in her lifetime...

The Secret Life of the Universe

Amy Corzine begins with a quote from poet Kathleen Raine: "There is an invisible way across the sky/Birds travel that way, the Sun and Moon/And all the stars travel that path by night"... 

The Snow Tourist

In his first novel, The Favourite Game, Canadian writer-turned-singer Leonard Cohen evokes a powerful metaphor on which his memoirs of growing up in Montreal profoundly hang. When the narrator’s young love Lisa throws herself onto a blanket of snow, the imprint of her body captures the fact that nothing so beautiful, perfect, or innocent can be achieved in the adult life they are about to launch into.

Grimm's Fairy Tales

Stirred with an interest in ancient fairy tales by Romantics Clemens Brentano and Ludwig von Arnim, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm began to collect and write down tales that had been handed down for generations in their hometown of Kassel, Germany. Originally published in 1812, by the time the seventh edition was printed a few years later, Grimm’s Fairy Tales contained 211 stories.