The Viral Storm

Nathan Wolfe was a professor of human biology who worked as a professional advisor on the movie Contagion. In his book The Viral Storm he presents the nature of the pandemic and the systems that have been set in place to prevent and control them

Start With Why

Steve Jobs is dead. Unless you’ve just come back from travelling through time, or have set yourself up as a guinea pig for a brand new memory-erasing procedure, you can’t have escaped the tsunami of obituary status updates that have flooded your social network newsfeeds, stating how inspiring and authentic Apple’s ‘different thinker’ was

Handmade Houses

‘What if you could not only build your “dream house”, but you could find desirable cheap land on which to build ... and design and construct it entirely on your own creative terms?’

Thinking, Fast and Slow

Just as Sigmund Freud revealed to a shocked 19th-century public, the tenet of Thinking, Fast and Slow is that we are nowhere near as divorced from our instinctive, animal past as we think. Our failings turn out to be never-ending; not only are we hopeless at multi-tasking, but our decisions are inevitably biased

The Lean Startup

Entrepreneurs are the gallant adventurers of our time. They are the hard-working geniuses who propel themselves to fame and fortune and who will save the Western economy. Some even have films made about them