The Atlas of Human Migration

When photographer Sebastião Salgado produced a major exhibition on migration, he spoke of migration as ‘the complete reorganisation of humanity’, and declared that he wanted to show ‘that a true human family can only be built on foundations of solidarity and sharing’

Less Meat More Veg

Taking as her starting point the fact that we eat twice the amount of meat we need and only half the vegetables, Rachel de Thample’s offering serves as a perfect foil for The Meat Crisis

The Meat Crisis

This is the kind of book which is likely to have you waking up in the night in a cold sweat. With the planet’s population set to explode by 2050, the amount of food needed to sustain our civilisation is growing exponentially. Yet we are increasing our consumption, rather than reducing it

The Secret Life of Stuff

Julie Hill, whose green credentials are impressive, begins by celebrating human achievement and even confesses to having a yen herself for ‘stuff’. However, she quickly points out that because we rarely know where it comes from and where it ends up, a shadow is cast

Minding My Peas and Cucumbers

Essential reading for anyone with an allotment or one of the tens of thousands on a waiting list for one in the UK, or for those wanting to enjoy a flavour of this formidably English preoccupation, Minding my Peas and Cucumbers is an amusing and thoughtful insight into the strange world of allotmenteering