Monday 7 September 2020

St Giles London

Written by Isabella Santamaria

St Giles London

As the lockdown has eased, everyone has slowly been coming out from their humble abodes – people are finding new ways of enjoying holidays as original plans have been cancelled on so many.

With the trending hashtag #Staycation we find ourselves readier to explore the UK than ever before. And as the saying goes, London is always a good idea
Walking into St Giles London Hotel I already felt as if I was abroad, and we had conveniently stepped out of Tottenham Court Road station. We check in and was surprised to find a beautiful spacious room with views onto London’s skyline. It is surprising how different the familiar can feel when we are open to the experience – we appreciated our well known London skyline which is perhaps not as romantic, but just as beautiful as looking out onto Rome or Barcelona.
Being right at doorstop of Oxford Street were one could enjoy window shopping and people watch while sat in a cafe.
At six in the evening after enjoying a relaxing lie down, we went down to dine at the St Giles in-house restaurant, Sage & Chilli. On first impression, the modest restaurant decor and unpretentious ambiance made us feel relaxed and at ease. We were greeted by a very friendly waiter who presented us with a limited but exciting menu with delicious dishes to choose from. I went for the Steak and Frites, which for most restaurants is the hardest plate to execute. I was pleasantly surprised with how amazing the steak was, surely cooked better than most top well known restaurants. 
After a pleasant early dinner, we headed out to town. St Giles is located at the heart of London, and we were right in Soho after a ten minute walk. We met with friends for a good round of drinks around a few Soho bars, happy to be returning to St Giles Hotel for a blissful sleep.
Throughout my stay, we never felt at risk of contracting coronavirus. The Hotel has taken all the necessary precautions to make our stay safe. The Stay Safe, Stay St Giles programme spans the entire guest experience at all St Giles hotels from pre-arrival through arrival; staying, sleeping and dining safe inside its properties; the St Giles team responsible for keeping guests safe; and the brand’s overall commitment to caring for the safety of everyone at its properties.
“We are excited that our doors at St Giles London hotel are open once again. As our longest operating property, with over 25 years in the heart of London, it was heartbreaking when we had to temporarily close. We’ve truly missed our St Giles Family, from our guests to our staff, and are happy to be together again” Said Abigail Tan, CEO, St Giles Hotel Group.
I highly recommend taking the time to explore the heart of London by finding new and exciting ways of enjoying this beautiful city, whilst also being kind to our environment and reducing our carbon footprint. 
Be sure to check out StGilesHotels.com Follow St Giles in social media: @stgileshotels

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