08 December 2017

Season Of Love

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Artisan Lifestyle
Fair Squared
Avery Verse
AQUA Carpatica
Lendahand Ethex
Avery Verse
Artisan Lifestyle
Fair Squared
Lendahand Ethex

We’ve brought together a perfectly formed selection of beautiful, unusual and inspiring present options that will make you feel good again about the festive season

textartisanArtisan Lifestyle

Artisan Lifestyle is a newly launched online home decor company that’s passionate about ethical design and creative enterprise. Every product is made by hand and sustainable.

The company looks to partner with craftspeople who have a story tell, as it is the narrative behind each exceptionally handcrafted artefact which highlights the skill and workmanship invested in each item. The brand loves to source and then collaborate on creating home decor that will enhance any home environment through natural raw craft talent.

Artisan Lifestyle is committed to working with carefully selected partners who value the importance of boosting artisan communities through skill-sharing and the principles of fair trade. Talent and creative skills can be used to empower artisans at community level, and it’s this kind of supported empowerment that is essential to the team at Artisan Lifestyle.    

Handcrafted terrarium
These curvaceous hanging terrariums are a stunning focal point and a wonderful opportunity for creating an uplifting green space within your home. The team have used the terrariums to display an array of succulents, a floral design with a contemporary, stylish, sustainable feel. These statement pieces are handcrafted by skilled glass-blowers using 100% recycled glass collected by the people of Swaziland. Two size options are available: medium (20cm x 25cm) and large (28cm x 36cm).


textaquaAQUA Carpatica

Deep in Europe’s last wild forest, the Carpathian Mountains stand guard over the planet’s purest natural springs where AQUA Carpatica, a unique brand of mineral water, is sourced.

AQUA Carpatica is the same today as it has been for centuries – pure and pristine, with no additives, enhancements or processing. What’s more, AQUA Carpatica contains natural electrolytes that deliver added health benefits, and comes in both glass and BPA-free bottles which are 100% recyclable.

Deriving from two unique springs at the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, unspoiled by civilisation and untouched by agriculture and industry, the water has not been artificially processed in any way, meaning that its quality is impeccable. The springs lie deep within forests of fir, pine and spruce trees, far from any human activity. Since this is a land defined by endless evergreens, and is thick with undergrowth, it’s the perfect hiding place for countless deer. It also offers refuge to the biggest population of large carnivores in all of Europe – including wolf, brown bear and lynx.

Millions of years of hydrogeological activity have naturally infused AQUA Carpatica with its essential minerals and electrolytes and given it a balanced pH, rendering it free from the nitrates and contaminants found in other bottled waters. Forty years of journeying underground through layers of prehistoric volcanic rock has guaranteed its purification.

Sustainability is an important step in preserving nature’s gifts, and AQUA Carpatica demonstrates that it’s possible to safeguard nature’s beauty. Experience WATERLOVE


TextAvery1 Avery Verse

An Australian luxury brand founded by husband-and-wife team Taylor and Christie Cook, Avery Verse designs and produces women’s bags from eco-friendly Italian and US vegetable-tanned leather. The range has been created with three principles in mind: timelessness, luxury and eco-friendliness. These ideals guide the brand’s designs as it seeks to express dignity and glamour without gimmickry. 

Avery Verse is a brand for the woman who expects ethics along with her style and quality. This is expressed through the label’s sustainable leather tanning, ethically sourced materials, donations from each sale to charity and support for equal representation of women in business. In all things the brand aims to be more than just another luxury range, and strives to create a product that enriches the lives of women in more ways than one.

To celebrate the end of 2017 and the start of a wonderful 2018, Avery Verse is offering Sublime Magazine readers 15% off the entire range of luxury women’s bags. Just enter AV15 at the checkout, and enjoy.


textFairSquaredFair Squared

One of the first cosmetics producers to gain permission to label their products with the well-known Fairtrade seal, Fair Squared products also carry the seals of the natural cosmetics organisation NATRUE, The Vegan Society, the animal rights organisation PETA and halal certification, making the products certified organic and natural, fair trade, vegan, cruelty-free and halal.

Fair Squared is an alternative trade organisation that conducts fair dealings with producers from the world’s poorest countries. They pride themselves on offering their customers high-quality, responsible alternatives to conventionally produced products, their intention being ‘to make a change and contribute to a fairer, more eco-friendly and sustainable future’.

The brand’s range includes face, body and hair care, shaving products, intimate health products and also condoms (all of which are, of course, vegan!).

Dubbed the original ‘Clear Conscience Brand’, Fair Squared’s condoms are also certified Fair Rubber and are made of natural latex produced from the sap of the tropical tree Hevea brasiliensis.

Fair Squared continues to innovate when it comes to ethical products, and will be releasing new and exciting additions to the range during 2018 – be on the lookout for those. The brand makes shopping more ethically, as well as finding vegan, cruelty-free and organic alternatives, brilliantly easy.

textEthexLendahand Ethex

Energise Africa is a joint venture brought to the market by two online impact investment platforms, Ethex and Lendahand. It offers retail investors the opportunity to get involved in pioneering businesses installing life-changing solar energy systems in sub-Saharan Africa.

Investments made via the platform will allow solar energy companies to significantly improve off-grid access for families in rural Africa, offering them the chance to pay off their solar energy systems in affordable monthly instalments, after which time they will own their system and have unlimited access to clean, cheap, reliable solar power.

Energise Africa’s aim is to provide more than 110,000 rural families with access to clean, renewable energy over the next three years. Having solar power on tap is quite literally life-transforming for families and businesses in this part of the world. Where previously people have relied on kerosene lamps that are dirty, unhealthy and unreliable, they can now enjoy clean, safe lighting and the electricity to power appliances and charge mobile phones.

Since Energise Africa launched a few months ago, it has raised over £1 million in investments, meaning that thousands of families are able to use solar kits that were previously beyond their budget.

Investment in one of the available projects starts from just £50. Interest rates vary, but they carry a potential 6% return per annum.*

An investment in Energise Africa is the chance to help renewable energy companies give the ‘gift’ of access to solar power and the opportunity of a brighter future for African families this Christmas. Why not give the gift of light this season?


* Capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed. These are fixed-term bonds and funds cannot be withdrawn until the end of the term. Please read the full risk warning on our website before deciding to invest.

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