16 April 2020


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Sublime has been leading the organic revolution since 2006. For over a decade, we have been celebrating the work of pioneering brands with an environmentally and socially responsible approach  without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides 

IsleofSkye tubsIsle of Skye Sea Salt

Being eco-friendly and producing top quality products has driven the ethos behind the Isle of Skye Sea Salt Company since its establishment in 2011. Chris Watts’ and Nanette Muir’s evaporation process is one of its kind in the UK, using the power of the wind and sun to evaporate seawater from ponds inside polytunnels.

With an all-natural solar process and recycling at the heart of their brand, it’s no wonder that the company’s raw, unrefined sea salt, with its distinctive taste and texture, is exciting consumer palates and boosting demand for low-impact, artisan products. And although their unique production process is at the forefront of their green approach, Isle of Skye Sea Salt Company are equally devoted to minimising waste.

‘We use only card packaging that can be reused or recycled. We reuse the boxes in which our supplies are delivered to us to send out our sea salt to customers. Almost all of the equipment used on our main site can be recycled at the end of life and the site itself can be returned to its natural state if the business no longer operates from there,’ Watts says.

Isle of Skye Sea Salt Company has landed a number of prestigious industry awards over the years, despite its small size. Muir explains that there is a growing demand in the market for top quality products with great provenance, made in an environmentally-friendly way. This comes from consumers, chefs, and retailers alike, and so the taste and production process of their sea salt have been recognised by Great Taste in 2014 and 2018, Scotland Food and Drink Excellence in 2015, and selected for the Gold Award at the Scottish Speciality Food Fair in 2018. And, to top it all off, Isle of Skye Sea Salt is one of the very few Scottish companies admitted into the International Slow Food Movement’s ‘Ark of Taste’.



Set up in London in 2017, LiveCoco’s sole purpose is to provide the conscious consumer with innovative, easy-to-swap, and eco-friendly alternatives to everyday household items.

A huge proportion of plastic that is put into kerbside recycling bins ends up in landfill and oceans, with only nine percent actually recycled. Documentaries like Blue Planet have shown how much havoc this can bring to ocean life - LiveCoco took the issue into their own hands, creating their own closed-loop recycling system. Customers use LiveCoco products and return them to the company for recycling, ensuring the recycling is carried out properly and none of the plastic ends up in our oceans. This protects the ecosystem from any damage that could have otherwise taken place.

LiveCoco's products have been praised by Julia Bradbury, eco-warrior and celebrity TV presenter, and Dr. Catrise Austin, Cardi-B's dentist. LiveCoco treats their customers like their business partners, often leaning on their knowledge to improve products. Like all of us, the brand has made mistakes in the past, adapting their process based on their customers’ and the wider conscious community’s feedback.

Considering how many millions of brush heads end up in the ocean, it’s no wonder that LiveCoco’s Recyclable Brush Heads have been such a major hit, now available in over 60 retailers and dentists worldwide, including Holland & Barrett, and the list is growing on a weekly basis. Recycled products like these make the use of an electric toothbrush guilt-free.

The popularity of the Recyclable Brush Heads have inspired LiveCoco to  increase their product range within the dental niche and beyond. There are opportunities for countless eco-swaps that can be made seamlessly and have a great effect on the planet. LiveCoco hopes to make everyone aware of this.


elliot. ORGANIC ME bodytext 1elliot. organics

After two decades in the fashion industry, designer Alex Elliot saw that she could no longer align her working life with her commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle. Launched in the summer of 2019, elliot. organics is already creating waves. Made from organic cotton and produced without harmful chemicals or dyes, their clothing is not only kind to the planet; it’s kind to our skin, too. Based in Brighton, UK, all the packaging used is made from recycled paper and fully biodegradable.

‘I’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing opportunities in my career. I’ve lived and worked in Barcelona, Berlin, Hong Kong and Singapore, and designed for brands as wide ranging as Burberry, DKNY Jeans, Fred Perry and Arcadia. It has given me a breadth of experience I draw on every day now, and has formed and expanded my personal perspective in ways I could never have imagined,’ Elliot says.

It is her personal journey that has most influenced the founding of the brand, however. ‘I came to yoga back in 2008. It was love at first breath - yoga has taught me so much about myself. I guess it was this change in my personal perspective that led me to question some of the practices I was seeing in my working life,’ Elliot explains. One of the principles of yoga is ‘ahimsa’, which roughly translates as ‘non-harming’ and explains why many yogis don't eat meat. Applied to everyday life, it creates a respect for others and the environment - which is at the heart of elliot. organics.

‘We are small now, but we are commited to building a brand for the future, and to creating a better world. Yoga is a heart-centred practice, and this is a heart-centred brand,’ Elliot says.


SUBLIME FEATURES 150 350x350 CombelopeEnvelopes Ltd

As one of the UK’s largest postal packaging suppliers, Envelopes Ltd felt it was time to introduce a range of eco-friendly, plastic-free alternatives, reducing the environmental impact of their industry and following growing consumer demand towards conscious posting.

The award-winning Flutelope has a protective inner corrugated layer and is made entirely of paper and glue, making the range entirely plastic-free, fully recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. Available in the most popular sizes in order to protect your precious items no matter what they might be, Flutelopes are available white, black, red and orange, mimicking the aesthetic and practicality of a standard plastic bubble bag.

The innovative Combelope, on the other hand, comes with an ingenious inner layer of mesh-like pattern padding, and the option of choosing between a single and double layer of protection. The Combelope is also plastic-free, recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable, currently available in Manilla, an array of sizes, and soon in many more colours.

Both the Flutelope and Combelope are easy to close with a peel-and-seal strip, and can be overprinted digitally with your own branding. ‘This will help your brand recognition on the market, make your products look professional and show your customers from the start that your company has a strong eco-friendly ethos,’ Envelopes Ltd explain.

The pioneering products are part of the Envirolope range, which regroup all of Envelope Ltd’s eco-friendly products, including the corrugated Boardlope, envelopes created from eucalyptus paper, recycled board-back envelopes, book wrap, glassine bags, and carrier bags made from ribbed paper.

Responsible for sending packages across the globe, it seemed vital to operate changes in warehouses - Envelopes Ltd have moved to paper mailing bags and cardboard boxes sealed with paper tape. And when items need some extra padding, they shred used cardboard boxes and paper - conscious production doesn’t have to come with sacrificing security.




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