23 January 2018

First in Class

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Luca Jouel Jewellery
Sanatio Naturalis
Organic Cotton Colours
Farm to Hanger

It’s an honour to present the Sublime Good Brand Award 2018 to the first round of winners. We hope you make these names your favourites, too

TextOrganicCottonOrganic Cotton Colours

Imagine 100% organic cotton that’s available in colours as natural as the seeds from which the textile was grown: ecru, green and brown. Organic Cotton Colours products, which have been produced for twenty-five years, are free from any dye and chemical processing.

All of the fabrics carry OCCGUARANTEE® certification, and the warrant accompanies each purchase. It ensures that the customer is taking away a garment that has been made according to biodynamic farming methods, and with the rights of those who work the land firmly in mind. The health and welfare of customers who decide to wear the fabrics next to their skin is also of no small concern.

The most significant properties of Organic Cotton Colours textiles are their breathability, that they don’t accumulate static electricity and they prevent skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

The values that form the Organic Cotton Colours ethos can be found summarised in the brand’s manifesto, Start Pulling the Thread

The brand boasts a range of more than five hundred products for men, women, children and babies and also homewares. Furniture retailers are welcome to look at the range with a view to offering OCC goods in their stores.

Organic Cotton Colours can create any kind of textile from organic cotton – knit, woven, towelling or tricot – to order, as well as make their infrastructure available to designers for their own projects, offering finished products under the designer’s brand with all the quality warranties provided by OCCGUARANTEE® certification.


TextLucaJouelLuca Jouel

Beautiful custom-designed and -made pieces that celebrate a sophisticated yet organic beauty are created at Australian fine jewellery brand Luca Jouel. Collections are offered that use unique diamonds and gemstones and special hand finishes, and which express a love of detail.

CEO and designer Tereena Lucas is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia (FGAA). Tereena aspires to make heirloom-quality jewellery that holds personal meaning for the wearer, with an emphasis on the timeless, the luxurious and the nostalgic. Each piece of Luca Jouel jewellery is custom made by expert craftspeople in Australia, Hong Kong and Germany, using mainly recycled precious mixed metals and with a variety of manufacturing techniques.

In acquiring the elements for their pieces, the Luca Jouel team is committed to the legitimate and ethical sourcing of materials, and maintains a policy of dealing only with companies who demonstrate that same commitment to ethical trading. All Luca Jouel diamonds have been obtained from reputable sources throughout their supply chain. Their suppliers warrant that they have purchased their diamonds from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict, and in compliance with United Nations resolutions and the World Diamond Council’s System of Warranties. The principal specialist manufacturers they engage are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council and also follow sourcing procedures that are fully compliant with the LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance and OECD Due Diligence Guidance for the Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals.

Luca Jouel is passionate about child welfare, and proudly donates a part of the proceeds of every purchase to the Australian Childhood Foundation to help their efforts in safeguarding vulnerable children.


TextSNSanatio Naturalis

In many cultures the holistic beauty secrets of plants have been passed down from generation to generation. The ancient Greeks shared them, inspiring the Latin name of award-winning British essential oils collection Sanatio Naturalis, or ‘the healing power of nature’.

The Sanatio Naturalis team place the greatest importance on the origins of their products. The purest sources are sought out, plants cultivated throughout the world for their exceptional properties. The brand works directly with local farmers and artisan distillers, carefully ensuring that customers enjoy only the very finest essential oils.

Sanatio Naturalis products are renowned not just for their aroma but also for their efficacy. They have fabulous properties, from calming, relaxing and soothing and skin rejuvenation, to revitalising and uplifting for holistic well-being. They are perfect for massage, use with a diffuser or burner or simply added to a bath, a skin cream or a lotion. The oils are free from parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, synthetic colour and fragrance.


Textfarm to hangerFarm to Hanger

Farm to Hanger is a slow fashion, 100% Australian made brand, seeking to combat the growing issue of textile waste. Producing high quality, long-lasting, sustainable clothing and homewares whilst at their core, committed to knowing where each material comes from. With a strong focus on supporting sustainable farming methods, utilising recycled textiles, sourcing local raw materials and endorsing a zero waste attitude, every step of the process for each garment is traceable and transparent and being able to share this with their consumers is highly important to them. This attention to detail extends to being conscientious of reusing, repurposing and recycling any waste materials, including the reconditioning of sewing machines. This is in line with Farm to Hanger’s long term goal of being Australia’s most sustainable brand.

Farm to Hanger source their cotton from a sustainably managed Australian farm, whereby the water usage per plant is drastically less compared to organic, making it much better for the environment. Farm to Hanger also plant a tree for every item the brand produces as a way of giving back and supporting the environment. This is also a way of offsetting their carbon footprint and they are actually in carbon credit as a result of doing this.

To take this one step further, Farm to Hanger has introduced a repair or recycle service whereby customers are given the choice to not contribute to textile waste. This service has the aim of combating the wider waste issue and supports the idea of long lasting clothes for a more sustainable future.


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