How The Punks Saved English Football

Hijacked by the National Front and dogged by tragedy, football in the mid-1980s appeared to be dying a death. But punk-style fanzines and the support of musicians helped revitalise the image of the game. Sublime looks back to a time when the punks helped save English football.

Centre Of The Spotlight

Few bands have achieved what Radiohead have achieved since the days when New Wave momentarily turned the pop charts into a playground of the avant-garde. They have consistently created innovative, even ‘difficult’ music far beyond the confines of easy listening, yet they are one of the most commercially successful groups of the past decade.


Surf, Beat, Fun

Surfing and rock'n'roll both encapsulate a spirit of freedom and rebellion. Sublime looks at how the fusion of these two phenomena led to the creation of surf music.

The Good, The Bad And Damon Albarn

An exclusive interview with Damon Albarn, Tony Allen and Paul Simonon

Eastern Promise

Chinese Pop music has had little impact so far on Western listening habits. Sa Dingding, an elfish explosion of colour from Beijing, might be about to change all that

Soul Bird

Many things are unusual about Martina Topley Bird – the way she organises interviews included. Instead of coming over all self-important and complicated, her record label, Honest Jon’s, simply informs the journalist that the artist will call him in the next couple of days. So she does, and we meet up at a café in King’s Road, London.


Life Lessons

Femi Kuti, son of musician and activist Fela Kuti, releases his latest and best album, Africa for Africa, which coincides with a worldwide revival of interest in his father’s work.