21 September 2015

Uncommon Goods

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Sustainability has become the buzz word in modern business – small startups and large corporations are seeking ways to embrace it. But, creating value for both business and customers is a challenge, and not everyone is able to get it right ...

DaveinIndia1-548x730UncommonGoods, however, is where ingenuity meets social causes through design. They’re on a mission to bring socially responsible buyers and sellers together on one platform, and challenge the way business is conducted by making sustainability the core value of every decision they make.

Every item available for purchase adheres to a strict list of ethical, legal, and environmental standards. These guidelines establish a strong trust among all employees, creators and customers to ensure that sustainability and ethical values align, and are truly the leading factor. ‘We are constantly working to improve our impact on the lives of our workers, suppliers and customers, as well as minimizing our environmental footprint,’ says David Bolotsky, UncommonGoods Founder & CEO.

hummingbird feederAnd... how does this look like? There are hundreds of products to choose from – either to treat yourself or buy someone an original gift. For example, the Flower Hummingbird Feeder, which is handmade in Mexico from up-cycled guava juice tins and recycled glass. Beside its environmentally friendly features, it enables people like you and me to participate in sustaining the livelihoods of the makers, dignifying their work and valuing their skills.

graffiti-necklaceOr the Sterling Graffiti Necklace made from fallen graffiti scraps, refined to exhibit the multiple layers of color from over the years. Each piece is unique and comes with a tag stating where in  Detroit this particular graffiti was found. See? The value is not in the material itself, but cleverly crafted by the maker, who designed and collected each story.
And this is just one example of their beautiful and varied range of hand-made jewelry.

Isn’t it great to have sites like this, which provide the opportunity to connect, share and network far beyond the pure shopping experience? Glancing through Uncommon Goods is a reminder that good values and ethics are things we are starting to treasure – we get but we also give, we enhance our lives and the lives of others in the process.

Find it all at UncommonGoods.com


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