06 September 2018

Fun From Waste

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Neither an intruder nor a stranger, this futuristic waste management centre ski slope is a smart addition to Copenhagen’s quality of life

Generally seen as polluting and dirty, a waste incinerator is something we would never want in the middle of our cities. However, this new facility in the midst of Copenhagen will also be a place of entertainment.

amager bakke1The result of the collaboration between engineering and architectural knowledge, Copenhill is an intelligent way of transforming waste in a kind way for the community. Copenhagen has the goal of becoming the first carbon neutral capital in the world. This plant works to produce a double result: on one hand, waste is recovered to reduce pollution, on the other hand it is used to produce energy avoiding the use of oil and respecting the Danish goal to pass from coal-fired power stations to wind, solar and geothermal.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the community can enjoy the facility which is designed as an amusement park.

The project started six years ago and will be inaugurated in autumn 2018. Amager Bakke is a waste management centre that will have an artificial ski slope with three different difficulty levels, open to the citizens. It will be located on the roof and it will extend for 600 meters between 30 trees. Furthermore, on the 90-meter-high wall you can climb, like on the mountain. The facade is covered with metal tiles that regulate solar exposure, also they will support the vertical garden and reuse rainwater to water it.

DamianPicCHCopenhill is five kilometers from Radhuspladsen, the main square of the city and it belongs to five Danish cities. It is a work of the company Amager Ressourcecenter (ARC). You will know this plant efficiency. Copenhill can convert waste into heating, electricity, recycled raw material and water. It can process 400,000 tons of waste with 99% energy efficiency and it will provide electricity for 62,500 households. Moreover, from the condensation of the gases, it obtains 100 million liters of water and it will supply the energy for the heating of 160,000 families. For conclusion, it can produce 10,000 tons per year of metals and 100,000 tons of heavy ashes, that can be used as material for the roads.

The approach is systemic, because Copenhill thought also to the social needs of the community, not only to environment problems. Generally speaking, an incinerator is invasive for the city because it spoils the landscape. Instead, Amager Bakke is set to become a city landmark, a tourist and recreational attraction, an example of good practice for the world to see.


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