28 May 2012

Honestly Healthy

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Great news – health is in! After years of crash diet trends it would seem that we are finally accepting that a balanced, wholefoods orientated lifestyle is the only way to maintain a healthy weight and keep our insides happy too. With companies like Honestly Healthy now doing all the hard work for us, there really is no excuse to reach for cheap and nasty convenience food when you have plant based meals delivered to your door

Honestly Healthy is the brainchild of vegetarian chef Natasha Corrett and Harely Street nutritionist Vicki Edgson who seen a gap in the market for easy, tasty, nutritious vegetarian meals that can rival any take-away in the taste stakes and doesn't leave you wracked with guilt.

Their alkaline focused approach means that each meal is carefully constructed to ensure there is minimal internal stress on your body. Translated, that means all meals are free from cows dairy, gluten, wheat and sugar and whilst that may sound a scary and well, erm, boring, these two know what they're doing so expect flavourful, exciting dishes including tempting snacks... sugar free flapjack anyone?

honestlyhealthyfoodA three day supply will set you back £135, for the 'lifestyle' option, which will see you through that difficult mid week hump. Or for £810 you will receive a three week cleanse package including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – a great option for that time pushed person who doesn't want to compromise their health.

If that all seems a little out of your price range then fear not because they also have a 'shake, stir and serve' range such as the Beautiful Bean stew and Rise and Shine muesli. Priced at around £6, these jars of wholesome goodness can be purchased at either Loveyourlarder.com and the Honestly Healthy Big Cartel Site – we think they are a fantastic introduction to vegetarian eating.

With summer fast approaching and holidays on the horizon this may be exactly what you need to ensure you ready to brave that beach with confidence. So don't hesitate, make that lifestyle change today and soon you too may be feeling honestly healthy.


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