01 October 2021

Five Sustainable Brands for Autumn

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As the seasons change, so do our habits. It’s never been easier to incorporate sustainability into your daily life - from recycled fashion to organic coffee beans, Sublime introduces five brands who have proved that caring for the planet is anything but boring.

SquareSaveTheDuckSave the Duck 

This Italian luxury clothing brand’s new campaign focuses on upcycling, fortifying a circular economy and encouraging our planet’s protection. Spending time surrounded by nature becomes a lifestyle choice that improves us, increasing our capability of perceiving, sharing, and respecting everything around us, and the responsibility for loving and safeguarding this is key to growth.

With the ‘Love Recycle’ collection, Save The Duck turns a new page in its path of continuous transformation, in which upcycling has played an important role over the years. The company had used recovered materials for some outerwear items in the past, but now it can boast a 100% recycled collection, embodying the values and intentions that it has been developing since 2012.

The inspiration behind ‘Love Recycle’ comes from the 1980s and from the magic of treehouses, a symbiosis between nature, sustainability, and architecture. Marco Rubiola, creative director and photographer at Save The Duck, brings back these values - the collection itself was shot at Casa Barthel, in the heart of the Florentine countryside.

‘Love Recycle’ features a palette of warm, harmonious colours in an elemental, minimalist and distinctive style. The new generations have expressed the need to make the fashion industry more fluid, basing it on a model of circularity that speaks of regeneration. Save The Duck listened.


RhymeReasonPic1Rhyme & Reason

A new eco-friendly, dermatologist-approved brand that is as passionate about the planet as it is about amazing hair, Rhyme & Reason offers a range of sustainable, high-performing haircare products, packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable bottles and caps.

The range is made up of up to 97% naturally-derived formulations that are vegan, cruelty-free, and rated 10/10 for performance. Rhyme & Reason is backed by an expert circle of industry-leading sustainability and haircare professionals who provide expertise and specialist advice to the brand. The lineup includes Kathryn Kellogg, an environmental influencer and zero waste pioneer, marine scientist and conservation educator Andy Donnelly and certified trichologist Angela Onuoha.

‘I am thrilled to partner with a company that shares the same values and dedication to helping others live a more sustainable and healthier life. I’m a life-long advocate for plastic reduction and instantly loved Rhyme & Reason’s commitment to ‘No New Plastic’ and the bolstering of our recycling systems.’ says Kellogg.

As a fully inclusive brand, Rhyme & Reason has a range for every hair type, from Nourish & Gloss, Volume & Boost and Quench & Curl to Colour Protect and Repair & Restore. The brand is also transparent in their mission to preserve and restore the planet, donating 1% of their sales each year to the Galapagos Conservation Trust to help minimise plastic pollution in our oceans.

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Nero Rustico Salad squareRiso Gallo

Riso Gallo is the first international brand in the rice sector to have undertaken production from sustainable agriculture, making their premium best-selling risotto rices - Gallo Risotto Tradition, Arborio, Carnaroli, and Carnaroli Rustico - fully sustainable.

‘Cultivate the Future’ is an innovative measure on social and environmental responsibility, highlighting Riso Gallo’s commitment to the needs of the community and farmers that they work with, and includes reducing packaging materials, energy consumption, waste produced, and CO2 emissions.

The focus is on 0km sourcing, top quality raw materials and sustainability to the environment, people, and local community. A commitment to only use recyclable plastic and FSC-certified cardboard are also indicators of the continuous attention to excellence from the Italian Maestro of Risotto.

All the premium rice varieties are produced only from sustainable agriculture, certified by the Farm Sustainability Assessment. The Carnaroli and Arborio ranges are grown in a few kilometres from the Riso Gallo headquarters in Pavia, where the skilful workmanship meets top technologies to create a modern agricultural model in natural balance with the earth and its fertility, respecting both nature and farmers. To top it all off, Riso Gallo guarantees fair and stable prices which are agreed on before sowing.



​​Wake up to coffee with a conscience - since 2010, Owens Coffee has had sustainability at the heart of its operations. The gorgeous Devon, where the company is based, inspires the team to prioritise environmental impact and create their ‘clean-roasted’ range.

Owens coffee beans are 100% organic and 100% Fairtrade. No synthetic chemicals or pesticides which could contaminate surrounding rivers and streams are used in production, protecting workers from inhaling potentially harmful substances used in non-organic coffee production. 

The coffee beans - certified organic by the Soil Association - are usually shade-grown. Sun-cultivated coffee production is the highest yielding growing method and offers the greatest financial reward to those in the coffee chain; farmers are encouraged to work this way to meet worldwide demand, and deforestation is a known consequence of creating huge, sun-cultivated plantations. Owens avoid this. 

At the centre of the roastery’s purpose-built, low-impact premises is a Loring Kestrel eco-roaster that uses 80% less energy and emits considerably less greenhouse gases than traditional roasters. Packaging and waste have also been addressed - tins and jars occupy the same amount of space full as empty, and need twice as much transportation capacity than flexible pouches. Owens’ pouches are 100% recyclable and regularly reviewed to identify improvements.

In addition, the business has only ever sold 100% compostable takeaway cups and employed a zero-to-landfill local waste contractor. Grinds are used in composting, pallets reused. Coffee sacks are provided to local Dartmoor Zoo for animal enrichment, or upcycled by Owens customers.

Importantly, Owens Coffee tastes great. The business has won multiple awards, including the UK’s Best of Organic Coffee. Try it for yourself - use code ‘SUBLIME10’ for 10% off*.

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LiveWellNaturalSkincareLive Well

Based just outside Salisbury, Live Well is a family business that offers a beautiful range of premium, all-natural soap bars, body butter, facial oils, and balms. Recently certified vegan by the Vegan Society, the range is carefully curated and made in small batches to ensure efficacy and freshness.

Each artisan bar is cleverly handcrafted and gently fragranced using pure therapeutic grade essential oils. All products are kind and gentle, with those suffering from sensitive skin or eczema especially in mind. The philosophy is simple: nature knows best, and the Live Well collection contains only the finest natural ingredients.

The business premises run solely on green energies, with solar providing electricity, including powering their electric delivery vehicle. On top of that, all packaging, containers and soap wrappers are 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable.

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