13 November 2017

Five Positive Brands

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Made Jewellery
Sambazon UK
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How does a brand become a timeless favourite, an everyday icon? We put together a list of five great sustainable names that are on their way to stardom

TextMUk 3Made UK

Since its beginnings in 2006, MADE has built up an outstanding reputation for designing and creating bespoke jewellery and bags for internationally recognised brands.

MADE is driven by one vision – that of Neal Gershinson – born out of two different cities, London and Nairobi, combining modern design ideas with artisan techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation to create beautiful, handcrafted pieces.

Neal describes how, at its root, the company is inspired by ‘the upcycling culture in Kenya’ and by working with high-quality craftsmanship. MADE uses materials aimed to promote sustainability, such as recycled brass and glass, meaning that its products, such as the jewellery, have a positive impact at all levels.

MADE promotes a vibrant passion for artisanal, ethical and sustainable fashion manufacture out of Africa, delivering prosperity through unity and meaningful employment.

Over the past eleven years, MADE has established a credible success story through MADE branded collections, private-label projects and unique, designer-led collaborations. MADE’s client list includes some of the greatest in the industry: Louis Vuitton, Laura Bailey, Imogen Belfield and Daisy Knights are just some of them, and it enjoys longstanding partnerships with Whistles, Topshop and Asos.




Who doesn’t know the simple design, easy-to-read face, distinctive hands and that famous red second hand that have made Mondaine timepieces recognised the world over? The Mondaine Official Swiss Railways watches embody ingenuity and simplicity, and exemplify excellent twentieth-century design.

In 1944, Hans Hilfiker, a Swiss Engineer and employee of the Federal Swiss Railways, created a clock, which has become known as the 'Official Swiss Railways Clock'. In 1986 the Mondaine watch company, owned by the Bernheim family, took the blueprint of the iconic design of the Railways Clock and turned it into a watch collection.

With the new launch of the first wristwatch created using natural castor oil, Mondaine is now a leading player in the watch industry. The SBB essence is a collection that combines the brand’s classic minimalist appeal with modern eco-friendly design. It also comes with a natural rubber strap and a reusable presentation case made from recycled PET bottles – perfect for holding a phone or sunglasses. The SBB essence collection marks a new era for the brand; built with sustainable materials, it is as eco-conscious as it is stylish. Mondaine makes their innovative creations not only clean and simple in design but considerate towards the world we live in.

This Swiss-made watch comes at a giftable price of £149.00 and is sure to make a statement about your love for our planet.




Created in 2014 by Heiðrún Ósk Sigfúsdóttir, Dimmblá clothes are produced by certified sourcing partners in India using sustainable methods, organic, innovative materials and colourful, nature-inspired prints. Dimmblá’s mission is to create long-lasting clothing that leaves no waste from the production process, and to support initiatives that further environmental protection and sustainable development so that customers can feel good about what they wear.

Dimmblá cares for its natural heritage, its legacy from the past – what its creators live with today and will pass on to future generations. Its range of timeless, elegant clothing emphasises comfort and style, and appeals perfectly to the conscious woman. Its designs are inspired by the Icelandic landscape, featuring images taken by some of Iceland’s top photographers. Dimmblá’s prints are offered in limited editions, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

With every purchase, Dimmblá donates to help protect nature.



TextLeapLeap Media

Designer and green-dot-connector Matt Hocking was born and raised in Cornwall, UK, surrounded by nature, from coast to moorland.

Matt studied illustration before securing his first job as a junior designer under two award-winning ex-Saatchi creative directors, a job that helped Matt take his first steps towards fulfilling his mantra ‘making a living making a difference’.

Matt has pursued his love of creativity and the environment since 2000, when he joined the Eden Project, heading up the design team for three years before founding Leap in 2004.

Matt works on projects across the world that focus on branding, designing for print, web design and development and eco-hosting services that are carbon-neutral and profitable for both people and planet. Using the strapline Design for Change, his aim is to become a benchmark studio, leading the way in implementing sustainability within the design process to help transform the industry and the planet’s future.

So it’s no surprise that Matt and the Leap Media team have been recognised with numerous awards for sustainability, including their most cherished award – B Corporation accreditation – putting them in the same bracket as ‘Business for Good’ award winners Ben & Jerry’s and Patagonia. Matt is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and creative director of numerous businesses, all using design for good.




At its simplest, açaí is a palm fruit that grows on the banks of the Amazon in Brazil, the most biodiverse ecosystem on the planet. Açaí has an exotic, purple berry taste with notes of chocolate, and can be served as an açaí bowl with organic granola and banana slices, or in a smoothie.

Sambazon’s founders fell in love with the Amazon, which is why their açaí is always fair trade, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and organic. These guiding principles have helped the brand bring a new level of nutrition to the market, while supporting the environmental and social well-being of the Brazilian Amazon and its people.

Sambazon – the first-ever certified organic and fair-trade company – is committed to protecting the rainforest and its indigenous peoples. It helps prevent deforestation, preserving over 2.2 million acres of Amazon rainforest. In addition, 5% of all açaí purchases is fed directly into local schools and hospitals, and Sambazon supports 30,000-plus family farmers by paying fair wages.



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