01 June 2012


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The cinematography is shot in grainy sepia. The soundtrack is a Latin American number and we see two panic stricken young men driving along a desolate road with the un-dead on their trail close behind. Just then, the car starts to slow down. They have run out of gas. Predictable? For a zombie film maybe, but perhaps less so for an advert presenting Chevrolet's hybrid Volt car which can reach top speeds of 161 km/h

According to the car’s manufacturer, the Volt differs from other hybrid cars in that it uses electricity as a primary source, and petrol as a secondary one and only to produce more electricity.

When fully charged, the car can drive for up to 80 km before needing any gasoline, and at speeds much faster than its electric predecessors were able to reach. The five-door vehicle’s lithium-ion battery can be recharged using a standard household plug outlet, and emits zero CO2.

Big car brands are now investing in more sustainable technology that is able to compete with more traditional models, is surely a positive step. 

What does all this have to do with zombies? Well, the Chevrolet people ran a competition encouraging independent film makers to come up with a 60 second movie with the theme ‘range anxiety’. Having zombie’s within close range no doubt causes anxiety, was perhaps what winner Josh Soskin thought. It certainly caught Chevrolet’s eye as it’s now at the heart of their latest ad campaign, whilst giving Soskin an international platform for his work.



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Zombie Ride video by Josh Soskin for Chevrolet Volt