03 August 2012

Time to UNdeny

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It’s as easy as signing your name but the support you’ll be giving to ongoing efforts in Haiti is insurmountable. Combating the widespread cholera that has rocked this already troubled island has become a number one priority, and now that it is clear the finger of blame should be directed at the United Nations, they are also a nation fighting for justice

With an increasing amount of damning evidence proving the poor sanitary control at a foreign peacekeeper base was the source of the outbreak, the UN's emphatic denial is staggering and disappointing. The outbreak has claimed the lives of over 7000 Haitian's since October 2010 with a further500,000 victims also infected, and in that time the UN have refused to claim any responsibility for the epidemic. But with increasing pressure to acknowledge their role in the spread of this life threatening disease, it is quickly becoming time for them to UNdeny

Already on their knees from the 2010 earthquake, which ravaged this impoverished but spirited nation, Haiti have since had to cope with rebuilding their country as well as curbing the cholera outbreak. Now they have a third fight on their hands in trying to get the UN to publically declare they are culpable for the initial spread of the infection and provide compensation to the victims and their families.

A recent winner at the Tribeca Film Festival, Baseball in the time of Cholera, documents the epidemic through the eyes of a young Haitian baseball player, giving weight to the accusations leveled at the UN as well as showing the human impact of the disease. Directors David Darg and Bryn Mooser joined forces with actress and humanitarian Olivia Wilde to illuminate this critical issue and give a much needed voice to the people of Haiti.

Now they are asking for your support. By simply clicking on the link below you too can play a part in bringing justice to the people of Haiti and demanding that the UN take responsibility for this continuing tragedy. It’s time to UNdeny!

For ways to help please go to www.undeny.com



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