21 June 2012

Olivia Wilde - Humanitarian Extraordinaire

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From her Humanitarian work in Haiti to her ongoing and impassioned political activism through to her strict vegetarian lifestyle, Olivia Wilde is an artist on a mission. Putting her celebrity status to inspirational use as she tirelessly fights for a better, more just world, we at Sublime are just a few amongst a legion of supporters who thinks that this girl, put simply, rocks

Voted PETA's sexiest vegetarian celebrity in 2010, Wilde has certainly struck a chord with the general public and with beauty, talent and intelligence in abundance this is one Hollywood star who is truly making a positive difference. Of Irish-American descent, Wilde's most notable performances have been in the tv series' The O.C., House and more recently as the part of Quorra in Disney's Tron: legacy.

But it's not just her acting prowess that has got our vote, it's her unfailing ability to bring important issues to the fore. On the board of directors for the organisation Artists for Peace and Justice, Wilde is a prolific fundraiser and activist who's not afraid to ruffle feathers or voice her strong opinions. 

baseball in the time of cholera

Having spent a considerable amount of time in Haiti throughout her life she already had an affinity with the place and its people when the now infamous earthquake wreaked havoc on the small Island in 2010. 

Immediately jumping to the aid of the many desolate Haitian people, she has since ensured the victims and Island are not forgotten. Not afraid to get her hands dirty she regularly visits the country to help at ground level, undoubtedly seeing many unforgettable horrors along the way.

As cholera ripped through Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake, Wilde invested her time and experience into producing an affecting documentary, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this year. Awarded a special jury mention in the best documentary short category, Baseball In The Time Of Cholera follows the story of Joseph, a young baseball player, and a Haitian lawyer fighting for compensation from the UN, who many believe are to blame for the epidemic. Directed by David Darg and Bryan Mooser, it's an important film with real soul. 

An online release imminent and a resurgence of interest in the plight of this troubled nation, we're expecting Haiti to be once again brought to the forefront of people's hearts and minds. As Wilde and her cohorts continue their efforts to help those in need, we hope that you too can take a little time to spread the compassion through offering much needed donations

One thing's for sure though, despite the horrific conditions the majority of Haiti continue to live in, it's apparent and humbling to see their contagious, life affirming spirit will not be broken.

Baseball In The Time Of Cholera will be available to view online from 12 July 2012 at www.UNDeny.com

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