15 January 2020


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‘I have nothing to wear,’ you think, staring into an overflowing wardrobe. The devil on your shoulder, a trillion-dollar industry in disguise, tells you that the answer lies in a brand-new outfit.

Perhaps the bleakness of the front cover of Dana Thomas’ Fashionopolis reflects your exasperation, but will it open your eyes to the damage wrought by consumerism, the profit-hungry world of fast fashion, and the growing impact of your favourite t-shirt?

fashionopoliscoverEcological degradation, sweatshop labour, overconsumption, pollution, creative exhaustion. How has it come to this? The New York Times bestselling author and journalist investigates the environmental and ethical unsustainability of the clothing industry – globalisation and the technological revolution of the twenty-first century have led to an explosion of fast fashion. It’s time for an entirely new model.

Thankfully, consumers are starting to understand the consequences of their shopping habits, hopping onto the second-hand trend, dressing with increased awareness, with more care for our planet. The age of taking our clothes casually is coming to an end; it’s time to get dressed with intention. Fashionopolis is the first comprehensive look at how to start.

Thomas sparks hope and possibility in her refreshing, eye-opening documentation of renewal. She explores the power of modern technology in reversing the fashion crisis, from 3D printing and clean denim processing to lab-grown leather and hyper-localism. Though she failed to mention Sublime Magazine's pioneering work in ethical fashion and sustainable lifestyle, she tells the tales of organisations leading the crusade towards a better future – small-town businesses, global-scale players, and all those in between - showcasing the effects of a collective effort. Change can only happen if both sides take part. Supply and demand are interlinked. Thomas’ in-depth research and gripping writing proves this.

A raw and shocking account of the price of fast fashion, Fashionopolis is a magnificent resource for both the consumer and the industry, inspiring to become a part of the future of clothes.

Fashionopolis by Dana Thomas (Head of Zeus) is available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook.

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