20 June 2012

Sun care with a difference

Written by Published in Eco Travel

Protecting your skin when the sun's out is more important than you may think. It's easy to be complacent when living in a country that only has a few short months of sporadic sunshine throughout the year but with skin cancer on the rise in the UK it is more important than ever that we slather on the sunscreen and get our skin summer ready

greenpeoplesunscreenWe're all guilty of it. The sun finally decides to rear its head and we run excitedly outdoors in our summer gear without giving a second thought to our skin. But it is more important than ever to stop and think about our body's largest organ and how best to protect it from the suns powerful rays. Even in the UK the sun is something we should treat with caution and with skin cancer rates quadrupling since the seventies, the best way to do that is by using a quality sun lotion.

Of course, when it comes to sun screen there is a phenomenal amount of choice, most of which contains parabens and chemicals that, would you have guessed it, are also linked to.....cancer! So, when you're caught between a rock and a hard place what exactly are your options? 

Here at Sublime we are particularly loving Green People's extensive sun care range, which includes a SPF15 with tan accelerator lotion - very useful for those amongst us who still want to gain a little colour without the risk of damaging our skin. Their appealing line of organic sun care products even caters for children and teenagers, as well as hydrating after sun lotions, perfect for restoring sun damaged skin after a day lounging on the beach or indeed walking around the City.

nealyardAnother British brand getting our thumbs up is stalwart of the natural beauty market, Neals Yard Remedies. Their new moisturizing SPF30 sun screen is a high protection cream which uses certified organic ingredients and contains vitamin rich sunflower seed oil as well as antioxidant milk thistle. Bonus points for being water proof and non greasy too – nobody wants to look like an oil slick in their summer finery.

They also stock a wonderful aloe vera after sun spray, which can be used on anything from sunburn to bites. A great go-to summer suncare essential.

So why not forgo your usual brand of sun cream this summer and treat yourself to a more natural, organic product. We're pretty sure your skin and health with thank you.

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