22 April 2016

The Eco-friendly Garden

Written by Published in Environment

In celebration of Earth Day, Ecoscape have pulled together this handy infographic to help those looking to improve their carbon footprint and create an eco-friendly and sustainable haven in their own back yard

Earth Day is all about bringing awareness to environmental issues. Every year, we all come together for events and challenges to plant more trees, encourage renewable resources and create the world’s biggest environmental movement.

Choosing an eco-friendly life and creating sustainable living can seem like a lot of work, however the smallest steps can make just a big of a difference. That’s why Ecoscape have put together the following infographic, to highlight that becoming eco-friendly can start in your own home, by making small but actionable changes.


Those of us who choose eco-living always start inside the home and sometimes our gardens can get left behind and forgotten about. However, your garden offers the most opportunity when it comes to creating a truly sustainable life, allowing you to grow your own fruit and veg, encourage more wildlife and help indigenous plants thrive. It doesn’t matter whether you have a modern, contemporary garden or just let it run free, there are always little ways to make your outdoor space more earth friendly.  



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