Tuesday 21 November 2017

Design for Sustainability

Written by Editorial Team

Design for Sustainability

Loughborough University and the British Standards Institution are partnering on a new project to find out how much sustainability issues feature in modern product design.

Sustainable product design has been a concept for two decades, but how it permeates actual product design in the UK is not clear. Loughborough University and the British Standards’ Committee on Design for Manufacturing, Assembly, Disassembly and End of Life Processing (MADE) are conducting a survey to look into the issue.

Vicky Lofthouse, Senior Lecturer at Loughborough Design School, said: “This is an issue which we and BSI are keen to investigate.  The results should enable educators and others (e.g. CAD software developers, trainers) to develop the next generation of resources for product designers with enhanced sustainability value and ease of use.”

Committee Chair Professor Brian Griffiths said: “Standards play a vital role in society. The Committee is keen to ensure that its standards help to future-proof manufacturing, with sustainability and design playing key parts in that effort. The results of the survey will help steer the Committee in its future standards work programme.”

The first part of the project sees the launch of a survey for professional product/industrial designers, engineering designers and design engineers. The survey will be open until 24 November 2017 and can be accessed online here.

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