19 September 2017

Creativity at Service

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The 16th-24th September will see London come alive with all the creativity, innovation and community vibes. We are glad to see the Service Design Fringe Festival return for its eagerly anticipated 4th year

sdfflogoRunning alongside the London Design Festival, from 16-24 September 2017, the Service Design Fringe Festival allows us to peek into the future and glimpse how we might one day experience and interact with public services, companies and even our towns and cities.

The Festival is an independent enterprise, founded by service designer Lior Smith to increase the value and recognition of the profession and enhance employment opportunities for service designers. She comments,

Lior“It’s time for our much-loved profession to take centre stage and bask in some of its own well deserved limelight. And we want you to be there to see it, experience it, and leave buzzing from it”

The Festival will host a range of thought-provoking events, talks and workshops that explore what service design is now, and the emerging trends and technologies that will shape how it evolves. With over 30 events taking place across the capital, this year’s festival will explore topics as diverse as how to re-design services from the inside out, to the role robotic technologies can play in designing solutionsto the most challenging issues facing our cities. There are also a number of research events in the line-up, including a session about how design approaches can be used to help policymakers demonstrate and get feedback on their ideas.

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Public services, seasoned service design consultancies, independent practitioners, and intraprenuers, will all share their projects and methods at this year’s festival. Innovative service design work happening in the hospitality, transport, healthcare and entertainment sectors – to name just a few – will also be on show to provide plenty of inspiration and insight. We’ll hear from a younger generation of service designers at the Service Design Student Award winners talks. And for those younger still, we’re really excited about Design Club’s design thinking workshop for teenagers!

The first events take place this weekend and the festival will run until the 24th September, with several events taking place each day. Unfortunately, some events have already sold out so make sure you book your place as soon as possible!

Browse and book at: www.sd-ldf.com/events-of-2017

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