13 March 2019

Cool Sustainable Brands

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Sustainable lifestyle is getting bigger and more mainstream – this is a great achievement for all and fantastic news for the environment. Every day, more and more brands join this incredible movement

Sublime has been leading the sustainability revolution since 2006. For over a decade, we have been celebrating the work of pioneering businesses, organisations and brands that are working restlessly towards a fairer and respectful society for all. Here we pick some of the brands that make our lives – and the planet! – cooler.

textUrbanaSaUrbana Sacs

Started by designer Carolina Tombolesi, Urbana Sacs is a collection of sustainable home and lifestyle accents consciously fashioned for whatever you throw at it – or in it! From succulent planters to toy carriers, cosmetic bags to spice holders, this diverse collection includes a variety of shapes, sizes and colors for everyone in any room of the house.

Urbana Sacs organizers and accessories are sustainably handcrafted from washable paper, a blend of virgin pulp fiber and recycled felts, that is harvested through cultivation not deforestation. The unique washable paper is innovative, lightweight, and durable, so like traditional fabrics it can be repeatedly washed and used but also can be dipped in water and shaped for optimal styling.

Urbana Sacs’ mission to ‘bring green living into every home’, by weaving their ethical roots through every part of their business. From utilizing reclaimed accents to employing local labor resources, they are inspired by the belief that purpose is the foundation of good design. Our purchases should not only look good, but do good, too. As Carolina puts it, ‘We believe the best designs are ones that last, and that time, attention and care are what sustain us with endless potential.’



Think of your favourite fashion-focused, urban-styled clothing brands in one place, and now add a foundation built upon ethics and sustainability. The result? Cariki – fashion retail taken to the next level. Aimed to inspire millennials to switch to more responsible fashion choices, Cariki represents a coming revolution in the world of fashion, seamlessly merging good design and pro-environment thinking.

Cariki’s story started while driving in a campervan in New Zealand – a personal passion of the founders to bring about change by creating a clothing brand with a difference, one which produces subtle yet bold designs whilst limiting our impact on the environment.  

‘We live in an age where climate change is becoming a very real and present issue. Millennials are educated about the need to look after the environment, yet a few are aware that the textile industry is the second largest polluter on the planet, second only to oil.’

At Cariki, sourcing is taken very seriously, choosing a range of ethical and sustainable materials including organic cotton, recycled polyester, Tencel and bamboo. They partner only with factories who have the highest levels of certifications and accreditations, and work only with those who can provide us with proof of responsible production. Wherever possible, they minimise waste and reduce packaging, and use water based Okeo-Tex approved dyes. As they sum it up, ‘We have a clear conscience so that you can too.’

Their ultimate goal is to make sustainable fashion affordable and accessible to everyone, so that ‘one day we achieve our dream of seeing sustainable fashion become the norm.’



Siskyn Skincare

Founded by sisters Sarah and Emma Rippon in 2016, Siskyn specialise in luxury botanical oil blends for the face and body. The Cornwall based sisters pride themselves on their clear mission: to produce luxury vegan skincare that is highly effective, made from 100% premium botanical oils and nothing else – a simple philosophy, born from the desire to make products they felt were missing from the market, coupled with the ambition to redefine the notion of luxury skincare.

Emma explains, ‘Our goal is to challenge the perception of luxury skincare, and encourage a return to the honesty and effectiveness of well-crafted natural and organic products over highly synthetic, modern blends often full of water, fillers and synthetic fragrance.’

Growing up in beautiful, wild Cornwall has given them an appreciation of the environment and a deep desire to protect it. Sarah explains ‘We had a clear minimum plastic, no palm oil and no mineral oil policy way back in 2016 when we launched so it is fantastic to see these essential issues around sustainability finally reach mainstream media.’ Their personal ethical values permeate all aspects of the business, and the sisters believe any step towards becoming a more responsible retailer or consumer is a step in the right direction.

The say that if an elixir of youth exists, it’s a blend of oils. The sisters stress ‘Our core belief is that premium quality natural and organic ingredients are the ultimate luxury. They are never a compromise on quality or efficacy, they are the very best we can offer ourselves.’

Siskyn Skincare produce a collection of 11 unique products in 3 luxurious ranges. Blends include the multi award winning Camellia and Safflower Hot Cloth Cleansing Oil from their Organic Range. Blended with 100% certified organic ingredients and a beauty editor favourite. This simple effective cleanser is nurturing and balancing for all skin types. The Rosehip & Tamanu Scars & Stretchmark Body Oil from the Elixir Range is a best-selling, highly effective, multi award winning, 100% plant-based alternative to synthetic high street products.


biohotel sturm germany yoga 350x350Green Pearls

Green Pearls® is an innovative information platform for finding the best sustainable hotels, vacation rentals and destinations worldwide. The aim is to make green touristic enterprises visible and findable worldwide by using all communication channels. In short: they provide a one-stop shop for guilt free traveling.

Visitors of greenpearls.com are invited to learn more about the green credentials of each Green Pearls® member. Green Pearls® shows that traveling green and eco-friendly does not imply to have to renounce. The presented green accommodations and destinations provide hospitality, authentic local experiences, ecological awareness, and the opportunity to contribute to green projects without compromising on service, comfort, and quality. All of the members are handpicked and personally known by the Green Pearl’s team, and fulfil at least 80% of the requirements for sustainable tourism. Additionally, on their fantastic Green Travel Blog, the team takes you along on the journey to more responsible traveling, but also feature sustainable architecture and provide a lot of useful tips for an overall eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Green Pearls® members are spread all over the globe, each of them implementing sustainability in a different way. They show that sustainable accommodation is wide-ranging and good options exist everywhere – an invaluable resource for the eco-friendly and responsible travellers of this era. 


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