Wayne Hemingway

Wayne Hemingway

Wayne is a regular columnist for Sublime. He is co-founder of fashion label Red or Dead and in 1999 he set up his own fashion consultancy, HemingwayDesign joining forces with building firm Wimpey to work on various housing projects specialising in affordable and social design. He is also chairman of the South Coast Design Forum, and chair of Building For Life, the national standard for well-designed homes and neighbourhoods forum.

At both ends of our ‘entitlement society’ – a state of affairs that’s changing by the day – there are those who feel that life owes them. But nothing could be further from the truth

Never enough hours in the day? It’s amazing how time spent out running – or engaged in a favourite sport – can make those moments stretch, and your body, mind and budget too. 

Back in the day, people with any idea of taste would flinch at the suggestion of Benidorm as a holiday option. A recent visit discovered a renewed, repurposed destination

Only by swallowing our pride and teaming up with the big brands will we be able to innovate towards a wholly sustainable, ethical work environment

The Dutch and the Danish have ‘got it’ that pedestrianised urban areas that are cyclist-friendly are happier, safer, cleaner places to live. But Britain, with its pro-car lobby and its sad addiction to Top Gear, has lagged behind. Car use in Britain is on the decline, though, and it’s not just that folk are being careful