Safeera Sarjoo

Safeera Sarjoo

Safeera Sarjoo is a London based journalist, covering a variety of topics and issues within the sustainability umbrella. Adaptable and always looking to delve into the heart of a matter, she graduated from Kingston University in 2010 with a degree in Journalism. She cites the most memorable experience at Sublime as having the opportunity to interview Rachel Galley at the Geneva Motorshow and lists Richard Branson, Angelina Jolie and Barack Obama as the three people she would most want to interview.

Nantes has come a long way from its ‘industry and trade’ era. Whether it’s history, culture, art or leisure, the city is becoming a magnet for visitors and relocation away from the rush of Paris and the exuberant luxury of Marseilles

A social enterprise with a focus on sustainable fashion, Sancho’s Dress is showing the way in empowering artisans out of poverty. Kalkidan Legesse, its founder, envisioned a business that would nurture the talent in Ethiopia and bring about awareness to the value of artisanal crafts

Jeff spoke to Sublime about life before Prophetik, his influences and how the eco-fashion landscape is evolving.


For the last six years, over 1,000 artists in 22 countries have been busy painting, printing, sticking, doodling and generally adding their bit of creativity to the Zaishu, a Japanese-inspired slot-together seat/table

Erin Schrode sees opportunities for fashion to create positive global change.