Naz K Rasmussen

Naz K Rasmussen

Naz is a London-based journalist who specialises in business, public policy, popular culture and sustainability.

A cosmopolite by upbringing (she has uprooted more times than she can count on both hands), she draws inspiration from those who do and see things differently around the world.

Originally from Copenhagen, she follows Scandinavia’s trends and is especially interested in efforts to recycle, renew and refresh the landscape of consumerism and cities. Naz journals her observations on social trends on New Idealist Magazine.

The entrepreneur, author and founder of Kids Company helps underprivileged children with her charity’s services reaching 36,000 kids across London. Her ideas on childcare have made her a pioneer in therapeutic methods. Sublime met with the force of nature that is Camila Batmanghelidjh, for a candid talk on treating trauma in children and running a successful charity


A spellbinding journey through old Damascus and the stories, art and architecture that’s put at risk by a tide of modernisation. Soudade Kaadan’s documentary won the second prize in the Murh Arab Documentary category at the Dubai International Film Festival

At 26, he has already turned over a million dollars and removed 64 tonnes of rubbish from the ocean. Social entrepreneur and designer Brian Linton has successfully merged slow fashion with ocean conservation in a buoyant business model that has won him nominations for Entrepreneur of the Year

The Chinese are on a global shopping spree with a mammoth of a shopping cart in tow. In a climate ridden with geopolitical struggles, many over natural resources, China is strolling the isles and picking products to its heart’s desire. The world’s second-largest economy is on a breathtaking binge –  one that poses a threat to our future, according to economist Dambisa Moyo